Wednesday, 21 August 2013


I have several projects on the go...all of which need to be done fairly soon. 

Firstly, my 2 memory quilts are all quilted and ready to be bound. Hopefully I can get that done by the end of the weekend! I'll be sad to see these go, but at the same time I'm pleased they're nearly done. I completely underestimated how little I'd get done over the summer. Thank goodness the friend I am making them for is understanding and in no rush to have them! 

threads waiting to be tucked away.

just hanging around...waiting to be bound.
Next on the list is a quilt for a new baby girl called Gracie. She was born a few weeks ago to a dear friend of mine and my best friend's brother! So she is very special in the new baby rankings! I have recently started using the Threadbias Design Tool, and quite like it. What do you use? Are there any simple to use programs that don't cost the earth that I should know about? 

It seems that most of the quilts I make are "boy quilts" and as much as I love them I've been needing to make something pretty! Enter Posy by Aneela Hoey! It's so girly and I am loving it! 

I'm using 3 mini-charm packs to create a super simple white and Posy patchwork...I don't want to over complicate things.

It's coming together quickly, but not quite as quickly as I would like! I need a few uninterrupted hours to get it done.[read...I need school to go back!] My boys are super independent, but at 4 and 2 they still need a lot of supervision! How do you get sewing done with little people around?

Linking up to the lovely Lee at Freshly Pieced. 

See you next week! Hopefully with a few less WIP's! 

Lisa x

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