Saturday, 19 October 2013

Better late than never! (This blog post...not the quilts!)

Jacob and Oscar's quilts are done. And they are just gorgeous! Bright and cheerful, which is perfect for the dreary Autumn weather which has descended upon us! 

I adapted the same pattern (Framed by Camille Roskelly, from her book Simply Retro)for both quilts. It is the perfect pattern to use for showcasing the motifs from special clothes. 

Each quilt had a "star" item. Jacob's had the rainbow onesie and Oscar's had the lion onesie and I used these as inspiration for the backs.

Let it be said, I LOVE these quilt backs!! I can't pick a favourite. They are just so bright and cheery

Each quilt has it's owners name on the back, pieced from scraps of clothes...again, LOVE!!!

I feel so lucky that I get to take these clothes and all the precious memories they hold and create something lasting from them. Not only because I love doing it, but also because I love seeing how much it means to the moms. What better way to keep all those baby memories fresh than with a nice warm quilt to snuggle under?!

I hope you enjoy your snuggles Jacob and Oscar! 

Lisa x 

Thursday, 3 October 2013


Gracey is a special little person who I haven't met yet. She is the new baby of a good friend of mine and my best friend's brother! 

When she was born, I was super excited! I have 2 boys, most of my friends have boys and most of the memory quilts I've made have been for boys! So the fact that there was a new girl on the block (even if that block is in faraway South Africa) was exciting cos it meant I could make something pretty! 

I had a few Posy mini charm packs sitting in my stash and knew they were the perfect choice! I love all the colourways and prints.

I have stitched them into a simple checkerboard design and added a panel with her name embroidered onto it. I used Sarah over at FairyFace Design's tutorial for some great tips on hand embroidering and love the extra something special it brings to a quilt.

All I have to do now is add the sashing and baste, bind and quilt it. Hopefully that will happen in the next few weeks.

Thanks for stopping by, 

Lisa x