Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Callum's Quilt

It's ready to go to it's new home! (Please excuse the photo's - it was a dull and particularly windy day!)

I totally love how this quilt turned out! Each little item of clothing has such meaning for it's owner. 

One of the things I love most about memory quilts is the fact that the items are used and have a part of the owner in them. I find myself wondering about where stains and marks on the clothing come from. For example, did the scuff on this trouser knee come from crawling, or a tumble taking first steps?

I kept the design of this quilt really simple. Just straight lines made up of blocks and strips of clothes. I separated them with grey strips and then added a scrappy border.

I bound it with a satin binding, which is nice and soft, but wowsers it was a pain to work with! Now that it's done, I love it, but I would have to be persuaded to use it again!

For the back I just pieced a simple red stripe across the bottom. I then hand stitched 2 motifs from 2 special items and Callum's name onto the stripe. The name is made from a nice fleecy jumper and adds a bit of texture.

Cheeky monkey!

Pooh Bear

I do hope that Callum is pleased with his new quilt! I know I am!

Lisa x

Easter Table Runner

I have had a Vintage Modern charm pack sitting around for the best part of  6 months! So I decided to make it into a table runner for my mom-in-law for Easter.

I made it pretty simple...charm squares and white blocks in a checkerboard design, white sashing and straight line quilting. 

Work in progress... 

Lovely mitred corner!

Lovely straight lines!

All done!

I love the fresh colours! Might have to make myself one too!

x Lisa

Spots, Runners and Easter eggs.

Ok, so I've left too much time between blog posts again! Sorry! I'm going to backtrack a bit to Easter...gosh doesn't that feel like ages ago! 

We had plans for the long weekend...staying at my in-laws and catching up with sister-in-law and her family who are over from Saudi (including meeting our nephew for the first time!)...braaing (South African term for BBQ) at my sister's on easter sunday and just doing general DIY around the house. That was the plan...didn't happen 'cos we woke on Friday morning to this!


So we decided to spare the cousins and the rest of the family and went into quarantine!
Lots of dvd's and snuggles...a few sleepless nights...a couple of Easter egg hunts and not much DIY, and it was all over! A long weekend done in a flash of spots and itchy grumpiness! Now we're waiting for Adam to get it.

I did manage to get my mom-in-law's table runner done. I wanted to give her something other than chocolate and decided that a vintage modern charm pack that I've had for a while was perfect. 

I pieced it together in a very simple checkerboard pattern and added some white sashing. I decided to give straight line quilting a go...I usually go for stippling because straight lines scare me. Until I saw this tutorial by Megan at canoe ridge creations. She made it sound do-able...so I gave it a go. And was pleasantly surprised by the results! So was my m-i-l!

 x Lisa