Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Callum's Quilt

It's ready to go to it's new home! (Please excuse the photo's - it was a dull and particularly windy day!)

I totally love how this quilt turned out! Each little item of clothing has such meaning for it's owner. 

One of the things I love most about memory quilts is the fact that the items are used and have a part of the owner in them. I find myself wondering about where stains and marks on the clothing come from. For example, did the scuff on this trouser knee come from crawling, or a tumble taking first steps?

I kept the design of this quilt really simple. Just straight lines made up of blocks and strips of clothes. I separated them with grey strips and then added a scrappy border.

I bound it with a satin binding, which is nice and soft, but wowsers it was a pain to work with! Now that it's done, I love it, but I would have to be persuaded to use it again!

For the back I just pieced a simple red stripe across the bottom. I then hand stitched 2 motifs from 2 special items and Callum's name onto the stripe. The name is made from a nice fleecy jumper and adds a bit of texture.

Cheeky monkey!

Pooh Bear

I do hope that Callum is pleased with his new quilt! I know I am!

Lisa x

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  1. What a wonderful quilt you have made. I love the idea of a memory quilt. I made a quilt out of all my old dresses when I was a teenager.