Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Spots, Runners and Easter eggs.

Ok, so I've left too much time between blog posts again! Sorry! I'm going to backtrack a bit to Easter...gosh doesn't that feel like ages ago! 

We had plans for the long weekend...staying at my in-laws and catching up with sister-in-law and her family who are over from Saudi (including meeting our nephew for the first time!)...braaing (South African term for BBQ) at my sister's on easter sunday and just doing general DIY around the house. That was the plan...didn't happen 'cos we woke on Friday morning to this!


So we decided to spare the cousins and the rest of the family and went into quarantine!
Lots of dvd's and snuggles...a few sleepless nights...a couple of Easter egg hunts and not much DIY, and it was all over! A long weekend done in a flash of spots and itchy grumpiness! Now we're waiting for Adam to get it.

I did manage to get my mom-in-law's table runner done. I wanted to give her something other than chocolate and decided that a vintage modern charm pack that I've had for a while was perfect. 

I pieced it together in a very simple checkerboard pattern and added some white sashing. I decided to give straight line quilting a go...I usually go for stippling because straight lines scare me. Until I saw this tutorial by Megan at canoe ridge creations. She made it sound do-able...so I gave it a go. And was pleasantly surprised by the results! So was my m-i-l!

 x Lisa

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