Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My first Swap!

A little while ago I signed up for
a mini quilt swap hosted by Kristi at Schnitzel and Boo

It is the first swap I've signed up for, so I had very little idea of what was involved.

Basically, you get a form to fill in with info about your favourite designers, colours, inspiration etc, and also little things you just like! You then get assigned a secret partner to make a mini quilt for. Exciting! 

I was paired with @MissyMotown, a fellow quilter from the UK. When I saw Tula Pink listed as one of her favourite designers my whole decision making process was easy! 
Salt Water from my stash + a mini quilt pattern by Megan Bohr (Canoe Ridge Creations) called Round and Round and off I went! 

I love how the simplicity of the pattern allows Tula's stunning fabric to shine through! I decided to quilt with simple straight lines and am quite pleased with the result!

For the backing, I went with good old Ikea Britten Nummer. And I used leftovers from the piecing to do a scrappy binding, and of course added a label so in 100 years time the owner of this little beauty will know where it came from!

As well as the mandatory miniquilt, all partners include extra "treats" in their package. Tamla (@Missymotown) got some Reece's chocolate cups, some fun stationary and a teabag holder. She received her package today and by all accounts is pleased! I am so relieved! 

I would recommend a swap of this kind to anyone! It's been such fun! I've made some new virtual friends from all over the world, which can only be a good thing! 

Tomorrow I'll share some pics of the mini I received all the way from Aus! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Lisa x 


  1. Your quilt turned out beautifully. I love how the fabrics really are the focus of the design. The quilting is also very effective at drawing your focus to the central design, and the scrappy binding finishes it all off perfectly. Great job.

  2. This is soooo beautiful! I really regret not signing up for this swap, oh well, there's always next time :0)