Thursday, 10 July 2014


Autumn is the daughter of a friend of mine, Jen. We used to teach together. She and her lovely family now live in Switzerland, just outside Geneva, and we keep in touch through Facebook. 

Jen Got in touch at the beginning of the year and asked if I would make a memory quilt for her youngest daughter, Autumn. It was the first long distance order I've taken. The first one where I haven't actually spoken through the items of clothing for the quilt. Did this present any problems? Not when you get a parcel like this!

Jen had packed clothes in bags labelled Must haves and optionals. She had also put post-it note instructions on individual items so I knew how to use them, as some items are going to be used for Autumn's big sister's quilt at a later date! Simple! 

Simple log cabins was the request, so I decided to make each block low volume vs bolder prints/colours. 

When all the blocks are stitched together they form crosses. 

Jen had included clothes that she had worn while pregnant, as well as tartan fabric to represent her Scottish husband's heritage, and fabric with red Maple Leaf Hats on it to represent her Canadian background. 

I quilted with straight, diagonal lines and a little stippling in the borders.

I hand delivered this special quilt to Autumn and Jen when they visited London. She was so excited to see it, and to sleep under it! Quilts like this take a lot of time and effort to create, and it's so rewarding to see a little person (and their mom) genuinely thrilled with the results! 

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