Sunday, 15 September 2013

Labelled, rolled, delivered...They're done!

On Thursday I delivered two gorgeous quilts to a very nervous/excited Mummy and her 2 boys.

These quilts have been a huge learning curve for me...not in technique or sewing skills, but in time and the severe lack of it during the school summer break! Boy did I underestimate how little sewing I'd get done! 

Fortunately for me, Zoe is a very understanding lady! 

I love these quilts! A large part of why I make memory quilts is the history in each item of clothing and what they represent to the parent and child. Zoe actually delayed our initial meeting because she was having trouble "prioritising" the memories in each item, as most of the clothes had been worn by both of her boys. I was really touched by just how much thought went into each and every piece of clothing. She was super emotional handing things over and equally excited with each update I sent.

Each quilt was a simple grid with rectangles, squares and small squares. I quilted them with simple vertical lines. 

I love that they are actually quite mature quilts, even though they have been made for 2 young boys. 

I am particularly pleased with the binding on these quilts! Binding is my least favourite part of making a quilt. Well it was, until I stumbled across Rita of Red Pepper Quilts' Binding tutorial. Do yourself a favour if you struggle with machine binding...go and have a look! I have a long way to go before I am anywhere near the perfection of her binding, but I am on my way and certainly heaps more confident than I was this time last month!

Personalising quilts is always fun and I always try to do something different. For these 2 I foundation pieced each letter and then appliqued them down onto the plain grey quilt back. I love how they turned out! 

I hope you love your new quilts Ben and Adam, your Mummy put a lot of love into choosing the memories that went into them, and I put a lot of love into each little stitch that made them!

Lisa x

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